Aqua Connect Terminal Server

The Aqua Connect Terminal Server delivers the Macintosh OS X experience to diverse hardware, software platforms and mobile devices including older Macintosh systems, PC hardware, smart phones and other thin clients.

Once installed on an adequately configured Mac OS X server, networked computers and mobile devices can simply log into the OS X server as if connected directly to the server’s console, work with a full-featured OS X desktop and run OS X based applications installed on the OS X server. Users can connect remotely and run applications while other users may also be connected with their respective sessions and environments fully isolated from one another. Since users of Aqua Connect Terminal Server share the resources of a common server, this allows:

  • Simplified installation, configuration and maintenance of programs
  • Management of user policies and profiles
  • Central administration of user environments and security
  • Provide a stable and uniform desktop platform for applications
  • Minimize IT department workloads
  • Simultaneous resource sharing and usage

This white paper explores the potential technical and business benefits of Aqua Connect Terminal Server™ deployment. Aqua Connect Terminal Server™ provides a centralized OS X® environment that enables you to easily and inexpensively deploy OS X® applications in your organization.

(Adobe PDF Format)

This white paper will:
- - - - - - - Give an introduction to the Aqua Connect Terminal Server™. Discuss the background on Aqua Connect and its creator. Talk about need for the Aqua Connect Terminal Server™. Explain the products solution. Discuss the benefits to using the Aqua Connect Terminal Server™. Give a product overview. Explain the system requirements, scalability and licensing.

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Internet Security

 T1 Access to the Web

Written by: Patrick Oborn - Jun 12, 2009

The t1 line rates is a digital transmission service that can be used for carrying voice and/or data. A T1 connection is sometimes referred to as a "dedicated service" as the service is delivered to and from the customer premise from the CO (Central Office) without combining it with other traffic. A T1 connection is established by providing a "loop" or wire from the user’s premises to the CO where the service provider has equipment. Part of the cost of a T1 is the "loop charge" or the monthly rental fee for the wire that is rented from the local phone company. Once the connection reaches the CO it can access the carriers network and reach any destination.

T-1 provides high speed, point-to-point digital transmission line (up to 1.544 Mbps). This can be used as a single high-speed data channel or it can be split into 24 channels and allocated to either voice or data applications. It is widely deployed and readily available in most regions and although the service is not diminished by distance from the CO, the price is sensitive to distance. This is due to the rental of the loop from the LEC (Local Exchange Carrier). T1 is currently the most common way that large companies connect their LAN to the rest of the world.

Are you ready for T1 service? You may be ready if you have critcal services that need a reliable connection to the internet. If you run ASP services, host e-mail servers or web servers, have over 20 people accessing the internet or use video on demand you should consider T1 access. While it is more expensive that DSL, T1 access is made to support the above applications. Also remember that when you begin shopping for T1 service you should partner with someone who will act as your agent and represent your best interests. Consider using a broker or agent to help you with your search and cut through some of the industry lingo to help you get exactly what you need.

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